R- potato wrapped pto shrimp

Potato Wrapped PTO Shrimp

R-money bag hargao

Money Bag Hargao

R-mixed dimsum

Mixed Dimsum

R-gratin farci

Collique Scallop Farci


Good food, good healthy

About Asia food stuffs

Asia Foodstuffs Import Export Company Limited (AFOODS) founded in 2005 , is a producer and exporter of high quality products in Vietnam.

Located on Song Tien Riverside, Tien Giang Province – 75km south-west of Ho Chi Minh City, our factory has the advantage of convenient transporting system and rich fishery grounds that the area can offer.

EU Approval No.: DL 422, DH 323

  • BSI-iso
  • BRC
  • haccb
  • halal


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